Saturday, 29 June 2013

S&M Bikes are making a bar with an 11-inch rise

And I thought bars from our era in the 80s were big. I remember back in 2001 when BMXers were ridiculing big bars. Now it is the other way round. Look at the size of these bars. 11 inch rise and 30 inches in width. Apparently, they sell for about $60 in the USA. You can bet when they come to Singapore the price will be jacked up so high you will be even wondering what hit you. 

But back to these bars. They are currently on sale on the S&M website. I do not know who will buy bars this size but I can bet quite a few of the local riders will...just to have something different. These are the specs from the S&M online store:

RISE: 11”
WIDTH: 30"
WEIGHT: 2.73lbs

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

So what is new for BMX in Singapore

It looks like the Asian Cycling Championships for BMX was a resounding success and it looks like it has captured the eyes of some Members of Parliament like Ms Irene Ng. I think people are now beginning to understand about BMX more than they did before. Now. What we need to get are more people interested in the sport and build up numbers...and interest. That will make it grow. Also that "certification" thingy to use the track. That should be scrapped. That is turning lots of people away from the sport. people just cannot see the double standards of not paying to get "certified" to use the the East Coast Bike Park but paying to use the Tampines BMX Track....and rightly so. We here at Singapore BMX have never supported it. 

Another thing is to get the freeloaders and parasites out of the scene. Yes, the people who use BMX in Singapore to sell their stuff and fulfil their own agendas. Some of them are just downright sneaky cunning. There are a few of them and they know who they are. Without parasites like these, the sport will be a better one.

So let us get to work and let the promotion of BMX in Sngapore begin!

Monday, 20 May 2013

Order S and M bikes, frames and components online via their new online store

Singapore is a very strange country. Almost everyday, a new bike store opens up but all of them do not cater for BMX racers. All of us have to buy our bikes from mail-order companies and sometimes, we are lucky to have friends who travel to other countries and can buy stuff for us. This was limited to small items only so as not to take up too much space and weight. But there is good news. S&M have opened an online store. That is great news considering the fact that you can now get parts directly from S&M. Best thing one can do while waiting for those retailers in Singapore to get their act together. What's that? The URL? Oh it is:

Aftermath of the Asian Cycling Championships for BMX

So it looks like everyone enjoyed themselves at the Asian Cycling Championships for BMX and it looks like some time has been bought for the Tampines BMX Track. We here at Singapore BMX would like to congratulate the riders that took part in this....40 riders from 8 different countries. The winner was Daniel Caluag from the Philippines who took the crown in the Men's Elite. Now, hopefully the powers that be take notice of this and actually do something to make sure that BMX is viewed as a serious sport and not a kid's sport. Congratulations once again to the winners!

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Looks like it is official...the Tampines Bike Park is going to go

This was featured in Channelnewsasia and it looks like the Tampines Bike Park is going to make way for development. Looks like the new place will be designated as Tampines North. This Tampines BMX track, which is part of the Tampines Bike Park, has been around since 1998. It seems that the Singapore Sports Council is working together with the HDB to see where they can build a new park at an alternative site. Now I do not know if that is a feasible idea but I suppose we can take comfort in the fact that the SSC is doing something at least for our cyclists. The article in ChannelNewsAsia is posted below:

SINGAPORE: A bicycle park in Tampines will soon make way for development, but there may be plans for a new one.

Located along Tampines Avenue 9, the park was built three years ago for the Youth Olympic Games' mountain bike events.

It is now making way for a new town, Tampines North.

The Housing and Development Board (HDB) said earthworks have begun at the site.

The 60-hectare park has one of the country's four mountain bike trails, and is used by some 2,600 bikers every month, on average, according to the Singapore Sports Council.

People that MediaCorp spoke to said casual mountain bikers would be affected by the redevelopment.

One biker said: "Usually they will come down here for a quick (biking) trail and then go to work. So if you close this trail, I don't think they will have time to go and ride (elsewhere)."

Another added: "The Ketam Trail at Pulau Ubin, the Bukit Timah Trail -- I mean these are more advanced. For us starters, this is the place we go to. So if they take down this place, where do we start?"

HDB told MediaCorp it is working with the Singapore Sports Council to identify a suitable location for a new bike park.

- CNA/al

Sunday, 14 April 2013

BMX Asian Cycling Championships on 17th to 19th May 2013

Apparently, this event is happening net month and there is hardly any news from the relevant people with regards to this event. There is one individual that put forth an impassioned plea to the powers that be i.e. the Singapore Cycling Federation. Yes. It has sunk this low:

So let us just see if this event happens...if it happens at all. All I can say is that we at Singapore BMX are very, very disappointed with the Singapore Cycling Federation

Thursday, 4 April 2013

There goes the Tampines BMX track

This is old news for some but it looks like the days are numbered for the Tampines BMX Track and maybe even the Tampines Bike Track. It seems that it will be making way soon for housing development to house the projected 6.9 million people that Singapore will be hosting soon. Does not look good for the cycling sport in Singapore, especially for BMX. I just hope that an alternative place can be found

Eastern bikes and their cool / crazy-looking dropouts

Cool or crazy? Well, it depends on your point of view or course. Could they have taken a leaf out of Cannondale's book by sanding down the welds? I have no idea. But for me, it looks pretty cool. Check out their page for more info

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

BMX memories of the 80s on TV hopefully?

Got this from a TV producer. Looks good!

How are you? My name is *name deleted*, director from *company name deleted*
We have been commissioned by *name of TV program deleted* to produce a series of 60-second videos for television that will be aired in Asia. This series focuses on Singaporeans’ memories of 1980s. From the first BMX bicycle to the first MRT train, each of these short stories will be a nostalgic walk down memory lane for many.
We believe you may have a very interesting memory of the 80s through your involvement in bmx. You have been part of the BMX movement, almost from the start. We would like to invite you to share it with the viewers of *name of TV program deleted*.

As the director, I'm interested in your story from the point of view of 'a lifelong love affair that began in the 80s'. Of course this can change when I eventually do get a chance to speak to you.
Filming will only take half a day of your time and we will try our utmost to schedule to your convenience as i really want to do a BMX story as I ride a bike myself.

I'd really appreciate if you can give me a call at *telephone number deleted* so that we can have a chat about this.
Look forward to hearing from you.

Looks pretty good that is all I can say. Heaps of BMX memories...that I have. Stand by for education folks!

Friday, 1 March 2013

HOPE making BMX parts?

I had to do a double-take when I saw this. Hope, the brand synonymous with mountain bikes, making BMX stuff? Apparently yes! I got this image from Fastlane BMX Magazine and I must say that I am really happy to hear about this. According to the article on Fastlane BMX:

The Hope hub has been in design for a while now, but has taken a while to be actually be made. The picture shows it with a shortened freehub and a standard cog but the production one will have an international standard 6 bolt fixing and a choice of cogs from 15 tooth to 21 tooth, and also a 9 speed integrated cog. The production hub's will have an 80 tooth pick up. The rear hub will come in a 10mm or 14mm bolt option, with a bolt either side aswell as a 14mm nutted option. Hope are also going to produce a matching front hub to complement the rear ,which will have an option of a 10mm bolt like the rear or with a 20mm bolt through option .

I do not know about you guys but to me, that is pretty cool. Hope is to the UK what Profile Racing is to the USA. Great products that will last.